COLD GALVANANISING PAINT - 95% pure zinc coating - for all your rust troubles

Cold galvanising
95% pure zinc coating - for the professional

Cold galvanising 95% pure zinc coating (dry film)

Rust-Anode - the Original

RUST ANODE is liquid zinc, which when applied to a steel surface dries out in a 95% pure zinc coating. This coating bonds itself to the steel, completely protecting it from corrosion. Even if the zinc film is damaged or scratched it is impossible for rust to creep between it and the surface it is protecting. 

As a priming coat RUST ANODE gives permanent protection providing that the finishing coat is intact. If the finishing coat is damaged RUST ANODE will prevent corrosion by its sacrificial qualities - the period of protection being dependant on the corrosive content of the atmosphere to which the coating is exposed. The period can vary from 15 years in a country district to 2 years in an industrial area.