COLD GALVANANISING PAINT - 95% pure zinc coating - for all your rust troubles

Technical Data


SURFACE PREPARATION: The preparation of the surface to be treated is reduced to a minimum since it is not required to be chemically clean as with other treatments. It is only necessary to remove loose scale and powdered rust with a wire brush and to ensure that the surface is free from paint and grease. Sand, Shot or Grit Blasting Is the most effective where possible. 

HIDING POWER & SPREADING: The product has excellent hiding power and coverage, which makes it economical to use. Only one coat is necessary, except in severe conditions, when two coats would be recommended. 

SURFACE TOOTH: A RUST ANODE surface constitutes an ideal base for the application of any further decorative finish if a colour other than battleship grey is required. When further coatings are of a bitumen base a high pigment content sealer should be used. 

TEMPERATURES: The product will withstand temperatures up to 204°C and has been shock tested between -4OOºC and +204°C with no signs of crazing, breaking up or loss of adhesion. Corrosion resistance remains unimpaired. 

TENSILE STRENGTH: The material has a high tensile strength and always remains sufficiently ductile not to be affected by linear expansion or even severe distortion. 

BURNISHING: A pure bright metallic zinc finish can be obtained very simply by brushing the surface when quite dry with a brass wire brush. The result illustrates convincingly the practically pure zinc composition of the dried film. 

DRYING TIME: Touch dry within 30 minutes under normal conditions, Second coat application within 40 minutes. Sealer/Isolator coat application after 8 hours. 

NON-FLAMMABLE: The product is non-flammable when dry. In the liquid state the flash points are sufficiently high enough to eliminate fire hazards. 36°C. 

TOXICITY: The material is entirely non-toxic (when dry) and can be used with all safety for food containers, fresh water tanks etc. 

CONDUCTIVITY: The conductivity of the material when dry is almost equal to that of pure zinc and for this reason it has found extensive use as a Welding Primer.



Tech data rust-anode (docx)